Thursday, December 11, 2014

Motorized Shades in NYC

Are you looking to enhance your home or office with new motorized shades in NYC? If so, Prestigious Blinds has been providing customers with custom window adornments for every sized window. At Prestigious Blinds, we have more than eight years of redefining the light for customers throughout New York City. Our motorized shades are perfect for large out of reach windows, skylight windows and any other type of window you own.

Motorized shades can be adjusted by a wireless wall switch or by a wireless timer. By using the wall switch or remote control, you can raise or lower your shades whenever the sun causes a blinding glare or provides your home or office with too much light. By pre-programming the wireless timer, your motorized shades will automatically adjust themselves at certain times during the day for your convenience.

At Prestigious Blinds, our professionals can upgrade your window blinds and shades with clean and simple motorized shades in NYC. Motorized shades conserve energy by blocking the sun from overheating your room. They also block the sun’s rays from fading your furniture. Our professionals will work with you to find the right size and color that fits your personal preference and needs.

For more information on motorized shades in NYC, call Prestigious Blinds today at 718-887-8579!

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  1. I love shutters because they are so versatile. We've got some at our cottage, in front of our furnace and hot water heater to help hide them. Now I'm looking for some to use as accents in our house. Anxious to see this when you're finished.
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