Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Solar Shades in NYC

Are you looking for solar shades in NYC?  For more than 8 years, Prestigious Blinds has been providing NYC with beautiful custom window adornments. Our wide selection of window shades, window blinds, drapery and silhouettes is guaranteed to improve your room’s overall appearance while allowing just the right amount of light to flow through your window.

Solar shades in NYC are shades that specifically filter light to reduce glare and the increase of infrared heat. In addition, these shades will also provide daytime privacy and shade from the sun’s hot rays. Solar shades are sure to suit any home or office while adding a personal and practical touch to your space. In addition, with a variety of colors and designs to choose from, your room will never lose its special sense of style.

By taking advantage of this unique option, you will save on your air conditioning bills, maintain normal temperature in your rooms, all while gaining added privacy. The shade technicians at Prestigious Blinds have the knowledge and skills to install and maintain your solar shades in NYC. It is our goal to help brighten any room and we are available to help identify what color or design best suits your space.

For more information about solar shades in NYC, call Prestigious Blinds at 718-887-8579 today!

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