Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Solar Shades NYC

With the right customization, solar shades in NYC can be an excellent choice to improve the functionality and comfort in a home or office. Prestigious Blinds has the experience and materials you need to design solar shades that will bring you the maximum amount of benefit. For 8 years, Prestigious Blinds has been servicing NY with custom and aesthetically beautiful window shades, with excellence and skill.

Everyone enjoys natural lighting- but when does it become too much? At certain times of the day, it may blind you from your computer screen, or undermine your air conditioningin the summer by heating up the room. Over time it will also begin to fade your furniture. Prestigious Blinds has found a way to solve these problems by providing professional and custom solar shades in NYC. The solar shades we offer can be designed with different levels of UV protection, and can also be set by remote to adjust themselves throughout the day and sunlight hours. These shades allow cool room temperatures in the summer and conserve heat in the winter. How's that for energy efficiency?!

That's why Prestigious Blinds has coined the phrase 'redefining the light' for homes and offices in NY. Our Solar shades can redefine the amount of natural sunlight that is allowed into your space so that it works for you- not against you.

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Roller Shades NYC

If you were thinking about installing roller window shades in NYC you've come to the right place. Prestigious Blinds provides homes and offices in NY with a wide variety of beautiful window adornments, customized to your preferences and needs. Offering many different fabrics, designs, and materials for its window shades, blinds, draperies, and silhouettes we are sure to help you find the perfect compliment to your space. Along with the many design options for the appearance of the shades, we also customize the amount of light and and visibility that is allowed through from outside. In short- we are the experts.

The custom fabrics we offer for roller shades in NYC come in 3 categories: traditional, natural, and soft, as well as almost 200 color/material combinations! So whatever design will suit your space most- whether it be a traditional living room, a modern office, or an elegant sitting room, we have it. Our roller shades also have different options for operating system like cordless, remote control, or clutch.

When you call Prestigious Blinds to install your roller shades in NYC you can be sure that it is a worthwhile investment. Not only are these shades built to last and accent your home or office for many years to come, they can be customized to protect your furniture from fading, help regulate room temperature, light control, and the privacy of your space. What could be a better?

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