Thursday, November 21, 2013

We Sell Somfy Motorized Blinds in NYC

The worldwide leader  Somfy motorized window shades in NYC and automatic window coverings for any home or business is now being sold at Prestigious Blinds. Automated blinds have a number of different convenient advantages for every space, and the Somfy brand of motorized shades can also be solar shades or other energy saving materials that keep you comfortable all year round.

Simply press a button and extend or adjust your shades without getting up and wrestling with strings or cords to meet the varying brightness and intensity of the sun. You can program your Somfy blinds to go up or down at regular intervals, allowing you to save money on lighting during the day and easily darken your room in the evenings without even a thought.

The many advantages of Somfy motorized blinds in NYC include:
  • Energy savings
  • Convenience
  • Natural light and heat
  • Automatic adaptation to programmed presets

If you are interested in the amazing benefits of Somfy motorized blinds technology, contact the experts at Prestigious Blinds today and browse our selection of Somfy motorized blinds NYC.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blinds in NYC

If your future is so bright that your apartment needs shades, Prestigious Blinds is a store that provides New York City with all types of window adornments. Our goal is to redefine the light with the blinds in NYC that we supply. We carry several types of blinds and all of the popular name brands, including Hunter Douglas, Sheers and Louvers. We can also customize any design or logo onto any of our shades.

It is important to keep your blinds in NYC and shades looking their best. Here are some ways that you can clean them:

  • Fabric softener sheets. These are good to clean the dust off of Venetian Blinds. Just wipe them down with a clean sheet.. 
  • Rubbing alcohol. Wrap a cloth around anything and apply rubbing alcohol to it.
  • Socks. They are cheaper than most cleaning products for blinds. Simply apply some dusting spray to the blinds and wipe it down with a sock.
  • Vinegar. Dip some cotton in vinegar and hot water and slide the cotton along the blinds.

If you would like more information on NYC blinds or any of the other window adornments that we offer, contact Prestigious Blinds.

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Blackout Blinds in NYC

Blackout blinds in NYC do exactly what the name implies, they're used to prevent outside light from entering a room. Blackout blinds are usually installed for privacy or if you work the third shift. Even if you are not looking for either of these features, blackout blinds in NYC can still be beneficial. Here are some advantages to blackout blinds:

  • Properly installed and constructed blackout blinds in NYC will prevent light from passing through either side of the blind.
  • They are usually light weight and easy to install, making it a simple DIY project.
  • They are more affordable than Roman, layered, or wooden blinds.
  • Due to their increased privacy they are ideal for bathrooms and dressing rooms.
  • Their construction makes them natural insulators, they will retain heat when cold out and keep rooms cool when hot outside.
  • The also act as excellent sound insulators, whether you are trying to prevent your neighbors from hearing or want to keep the hustle and bustle of life out.
  • By blocking out the UVA and UVB rays, your furniture and d├ęcor will not discolor or fade.

Blackout blinds are particularly useful in busy cities such as NYC. If you are looking for blackout blinds in NYC, Prestigious Blinds offers multiple blackout blinds and installation.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blinds NYC

 blinds nyc
If you are looking for blinds in NYC, Prestigious Blinds is a professional company that sells customized blinds and all other types of window drapery. This includes shades, shutters, silhouettes and many others. For over eight years, we have help New York City redefine light in its homes and offices with our beautiful blinds.

There are so many different types of blinds that it may be difficult for you to choose which ones to get. Here is some advice on what kind of blinds go well in different rooms:

  • Kitchens. With all of the food and liquid in the kitchen, it is good to have blinds that are easily cleaned. Vinyl is a good material that can shade harsh sunlight and be wiped down easily.
  • Bedrooms. Since you will want it to be dark when you are sleeping, Venetian blinds are a good way to keep light in or out. They open and close very easily and can provide the privacy necessary for a bedroom.
  • Living rooms. Since this is where your guests will probably spend most of the time, wood blinds are a very stylish way to dress your living room.

Hopefully this will help you to decide. If you would like more information on NYC blinds contact Prestigious Blinds to schedule an in-home appointment.

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