Thursday, March 6, 2014

NYC Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds in NYC are one of the more eco-friendly options for your windows. Bamboo is often used in wooden blind treatments, despite it actually being a grass, because of its rate of growth. Bamboo grows at such a rate that it is often harvested every year, instead of every few decades.
Wooden blinds are made from a variety of sources though, so they can complement all room d├ęcors. From modern, contemporary, Victorian and rustic, wooden blinds will fit and can be stained or painted if you change your mind.
Wooden blinds in NYC also provide an amount of privacy that other blind types might lack. This is due to their thickness, which hides shadows and outlines of people in rooms. This doesn’t mean that the blinds are heavy though, in fact some wooden blinds can be lighter than other materials.
Wooden blinds are also easier to clean than other types of blinds. Whereas other materials often need to be taken down and cleaned, or in severe cases soaked, wooden blinds just need to be wiped. There is no need to take them down, and no danger of cutting yourself on any sharp edges.

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Window Shades in NYC Tips

Are you thinking about redecorating your home or business? That can mean a lot of different things. However, a change of window treatments can drastically change the whole tone of a room. Prestigious Blinds has been providing New York City with window shades, blinds silhouettes and other drapery and window treatments for nearly a decade. We can even make customized window shades in NYC to perfectly accent your windows.
Here are some NYC window shade tips to help you along in deciding what type of shades will be perfect for your home:

·         Account for sunlight. If your room is getting too much sunlight, get heavier drapes to block it out when you need lees light. Also, some materials (such as silk) will fade in heavy exposure to the sun.
·         Layering. By using more than one type of shade, you not only create a unique design, but will also be able to better regulate the amount of sunlight entering a room.
·         Cleaning. Different fabrics are easier to clean than others. If you do not have a lot of time to clean, something like bamboo shades are very easy to maintain.

If you would like more window shade tips or any more information on any of our NYC window shades, contact Prestigious Blinds.

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