Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Motorized Shades in NYC

Motorized shades in NYC are a way to make your shade system easier to operate, while adding aesthetic appeal and an added level of safety to any NYC location. For more than 8 years, Prestigious Blinds has been providing NYC and surrounding areas with various custom window adornments, including motorized window shades. Our options with customization opportunities and elegant style will be the perfect addition to any home or business space.

Our motorized shades in NYC are made with RF only radio frequency systems, allowing the operating signal from the remote to “broadcast” like a radio transmitter. To enhance the operation of your NYC motorized window shades, our company also offers a wireless wall switch and a wireless timer for added convenience.

These shades are the perfect solution if your NYC home or business has cathedral windows, skylights or any hard to reach areas. Our motorized blind and shade lifting systems will eliminate cord hazards and allow your home to have an added safety feature if you have small children or pets. Additionally, our motorized shades in NYC are a must if someone in your home has limited hand dexterity. Prestigious Blinds can also upgrade and update a motorized window shade system that you already have installed. Our added features can help make your home, office or other location more comfortable.

For more information about our motorized shades in NYC, call Prestigious Blinds at 888-588-7088 today!

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