Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mini Blinds NYC

Are you looking for mini blinds in NYC? Prestigious Blinds has redefined the light in homes and offices in New York City and the surrounding area for more than 8 years. We provide custom window adornments such as mini blinds for an affordable price so that you can easily style your home or office. Prestigious Blinds carries all window mini blind material from wooden, aluminum and fibers that will beautify any room.

NYC mini blinds from Prestigious Blinds are installed by professional mini blind installers who have been trained to use the correct installation techniques. These mini blind installers have the knowledge and experience to install any brand of mini blinds in different styles and sizes. Our professional mini blind installers will install your new NYC mini blinds in a timely manner so that you can quickly get back to your daily routine.

Aluminum horizontal mini blinds in NYC from Prestigious Blinds provide any location with a classic, elegant aesthetic. With the best options in color, texture, design and light control, aluminum horizontal blinds will certainly redefine the light in any home or office space. Styles of aluminum horizontal mini blinds in NYC include the advanced design of “Light lines” with the new, exclusive “de-Light” feature that blocks out the light that ordinary mini blinds cannot accomplish. Styles also feature Soft Suede finishes, which combines the warm look of suede with a unique richness of color.

For more information about NYC mini blinds, call Prestigious Blinds today at (888) 588-7088.

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