Thursday, November 21, 2013

We Sell Somfy Motorized Blinds in NYC

The worldwide leader  Somfy motorized window shades in NYC and automatic window coverings for any home or business is now being sold at Prestigious Blinds. Automated blinds have a number of different convenient advantages for every space, and the Somfy brand of motorized shades can also be solar shades or other energy saving materials that keep you comfortable all year round.

Simply press a button and extend or adjust your shades without getting up and wrestling with strings or cords to meet the varying brightness and intensity of the sun. You can program your Somfy blinds to go up or down at regular intervals, allowing you to save money on lighting during the day and easily darken your room in the evenings without even a thought.

The many advantages of Somfy motorized blinds in NYC include:
  • Energy savings
  • Convenience
  • Natural light and heat
  • Automatic adaptation to programmed presets

If you are interested in the amazing benefits of Somfy motorized blinds technology, contact the experts at Prestigious Blinds today and browse our selection of Somfy motorized blinds NYC.

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