Thursday, August 29, 2013

Solar Shades NYC Are A Great Addition To Your Home Or Business

For nearly 10 years, Prestigious Blinds have installed blinds, window treatments and window shades of many varieties for customers, and a growing trend that is eco-friendly, affordable and dependable are solar shades in NYC. Our blinds experts can customize solar shades in New York City to fit any need, residential and commercial, so that you are getting the most out of your natural lighting and saving money on heat, electricity and other expenses.

Solar shades NYC are becoming more popular as people in New York become more environmentally conscious and aware, so choosing Prestigious Blinds to install your solar shades in NYC can be a great and affordable choice since we are offering coupons for discounted service on installation and customized jobs for customers. A great choice for sustainability or aesthetics, solar shades in NYC are great move towards environmental awareness as well as beauty.

For more information on our solar shades in NYC, call Prestigious Blinds today at 888-588-7088 and speak with a blinds expert. We are constantly searching for ways to redefine light, and your windows will be the talk to the town.


  1. In time, the tint's would fade as time pass by. I think it would be helpful if you have window shades in order to protect your home from the heat and the advantage of it is that you can just remove it whenever you feel like it.

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