Thursday, August 1, 2013

Motorized Window Shades In NYC Are The Peak Of Efficiency And Elegance

We are all familiar with the daily struggle to your blinds up and down evenly by jerking endlessly on the drawstrings. How much easier would it be if your shades could lower themselves at just the touch of a button? With the New York City motorized shades offered by Prestigious Blinds, this fantasy can become a reality for you in your home or business.

Motorized window shades in NYC have a lot of great advantages: it is easy to program them to operate at any time of the day, you can work them from any stationary position with a remote control, and these shades are a great safety measure for your home as well if you have small children or pets that might get caught in any dangling cords. Prestigious Blinds can install motorized window shades in NYC to suit any need you have in an efficient and affordable way.

There is not a better time to implement these practical and aesthetic advancements in window shade technology by having NYC motorized window shades installed. Sophisticated and sleek, these shades are hassle-free and low maintenance for homes and businesses in NYC.

To find out more about upgrading to motorized window shades in New York City, call Prestigious Blinds today at 1-718-887-8579 and speak with an expert.  

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