Monday, June 23, 2014

NYC Motorized Shades

Prestigious Blinds is professional window adornment company that specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of blinds, shades, shutters, solar shades silhouettes and other custom drapery. Whether you are interested in window adornments for your residential or commercial property, our professional shade technicians have the knowledge and expertise to install NYC motorized shades for a more comfortable and personalized space.

There are many benefits to installing motorized window shades. Motorized shades in NYC are a great solution if you have any windows in hard to reach areas of the office. Prestigious Blinds’ motorized blinds will eliminate cord hazards, providing your home with a great safety feature if you have small children or pets. These motorized window blinds and shades are very easy to operate and have safety control features so anyone can operate them.

NYC motorized shades are operated by radio frequencies controlled by either a remote or wall switch. A wireless wall switch allows the window shades to be operated from a stationary position while a remote allows the window shades to be controlled from anywhere in the house. A wireless timer also operates window shades automatically at pre-programmed times so you do not have to go around closing all the shades in the office. Either way, Prestigious Blinds will work with you to find the best installation technique for your motorized shades.

For more information on motorized shades in NYC, call Prestigious Blinds today at (888) 588-7088.

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