Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 Serena Shade Designs for NYC

Looking for Shade Designs in NYC? At NYC’s Prestigious Blinds, we offer custom window adornments designs in NYC. We offer a variety of blind designs, shade designs, shutter designs, solar shade designs, silhouette blind designs and custom drapery designs for all type of windows. We offer blind and shade designs from the leading window treatment brands of 2014 such as Bali, Levolor, Comfortex and the famous Hunter Douglas. This year we like to feature our newest shades brand, Serena shade designs for NYC.

The 2014 Serena shade designs for NYC is a remote control shades system that uses cutting edge technology to ensure easy maintenance as well as the shades’ smooth and quiet movement. Serena remote controlled shades systems have a long-lasting battery life and the battery replacement is easy.

Besides being a fashionable shade design, NYC's Serena 2014 shades designs also helps you save energy and your money.  Having the window shades open during the summer while you have the air conditioner blasting causes the hot sun to heat up your home and makes the AC work twice as long. Not only does the overworking AC hurt the environment but it also hurts your wallet. Serena shades in NYC are designed to have honeycomb insulation to trap heat from entering your home in the summer. During the winter time, this system is very effective because the trapped heat can be release to warm your home.

Prestigious Blinds offers NYC’s Serena shade designs for 2014 in many different fabric styles and opacities in order to please your taste. With over 75 different fabric options from vibrant bolds to classic neutrals, you can be sure that your shades will allow just the right amount of sunlight into your home while also staying fashionable. The three light-filtering options available are sheer, translucent and blackout. Some fabric options are as follows.
  • Palette Collection Shades in NYC
  • Sheerlite Collection Shades in NYC
  •  Hue Collection Shades in NYC
  • Monomer Collection Shades in NYC
  •  Bistre Collection Shades in NYC
  • Format Collection Shades in NYC
  • Tint Collection Shades in NYC
  • Ream Collection Shades in NYC
  • Loom Collection Shades in NYC

For more information on the inexpensive2014 Serena shade designs for NYC, call Prestigious Blinds today at (888) 588-7088. Just because shades are a necessity does not mean they have to be expensive.

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