Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Motorized Blinds in NYC

Motorized blinds in NYC have become a popular addition, now that many homes are becoming automated. The blinds use a motor located at the top of the panel of the blinds that lets you adjust them. Using an infrared remote you can move the blinds up and down or open and close them. These remotes are usually low voltage and don't eat up batteries.
Most remote controls have a range of 40 to 50 feet, some of which can be used on multiple blinds. Using a separate remote for each blinds is a good idea though. Label each remote and this will prevent confusion if the remotes get switched.
Motorized blinds in NYC are great if you have tall windows. The height of the windows will no longer be a problem to close the blinds on. There is no effort on your part and no balancing yourself precariously on a chair. Motorized blinds come in standard sizes but can be made to fit most windows. You can choose between horizontal and vertical blinds, and an array of colors.

Prestigious Blinds offers expert NYC motorized blinds installation for homes and offices. The wide selection of window treatments will improve your room's appearance while allowing total control of light flow.

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