Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Custom Solar Shades in NYC Can Help You Save

There are numerous advantages of solar shades in NYC that can allow you to save a bundle on your heating and energy bill this winter. The experts at Prestigious Blinds can help you out before the winter hits you in the wallet.
  • Solar shades in NYC can protect your home from the rays of the sun during warm and cold seasons. In the summer, the shades can filter out unneeded heat that is making your AC unit work harder, and in the winter they shades absorb more warmth to keep your home comfortable.
  • Even when the shades are in use, you get an uninhibited view through the window and can enjoy the scenery without a glare or harsh light pouring in.
  • Easy maintenance is a huge advantage for custom solar shadesin NYC, because the materials are durable and easy to wipe or brush with water and soap. Every once in a while, a more thorough cleaning with a hose can be done.

Solar shades in NYC are beginning to grow in popularity because of their eco-friendly benefits and money-saving qualities, making Prestigious Blinds your one-stop-shop for customized window shades that are efficient and affordable. Rather than convenitional blinds which do little more than cover the windows and filter out light, solar shades can make the heat work for you and work wonders on your energy bill.

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