Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Window Shades in NY: Different Styles for Different People

At Prestigious Blinds, we realize that fall is the time of year that people decide to improve the look and functionality of their home before the holiday season. This often includes evaluating your window shades in NYC for their appearance and condition. We provide a huge selection of styles and designs for our customers so that every home is perfectly suited to your personality and your lifestyle.
  • Solar Shades – These innovative window coverings contain a sun-control fabric to reduce glare and heat into any room, saving you money off energy bills for a simple one-time payment.
  • Wood Blinds – The timeless look of wood blinds in NYC can be practical and elegant in any house, with the rich wood texture and durability improving the look of any space.
  • Roman Shades – This window treatment is durable and affordable, giving you a great way to control the light coming into the room as well as a low-maintenance window shade in NYC.

These three options for window shades in NYC are some of the most popular this season, and there is no better time than now to start thinking about making your house or apartment look amazing. New window shades in New York City can give your whole space a fresh, clean and new feeling any time of year.

For more information about what blinds or window shades in NYC are right for you this fall, contact Prestigious Blinds and speak with an expert by calling 1-888-588-7088.

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  1. Wow. This is wonderful. Thanks for providing us a DIY window shades. I plan to improvise my own too and use cloth that will match my pillows and cushions at home.