Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Motorized Shades in Manhattan

Motorized shades in Manhattan are ideal for those who are searching for shades that will provide them with convenience and ease, in addition to privacy. Prestigious Blinds, which serves the New York City area, specializes in the installation of motorized shades.

At Prestigious Blinds, we have been redefining light in homes and offices for more than eight years. We offer a variety of fabrics for our shades, and we customize them to fit to any window.

Our Manhattan motorized shades are the ideal solution for hard-to-reach windows, clients with limited mobility or for those who are looking for window treatments that can be operated with just one click. They are durable and long-lasting shades which provide safety in any space by eliminating cord hazards.

By utilizing our motorized shades in taller buildings, homes and offices, you can still achieve the level of privacy you have been longing for without having to climb on furniture or up a ladder to manually close your shades. Our shades are especially convenient for cathedral windows and skylights because they allow you to be in control of the amount of light that can enter a space at any given time.

Customers with limited mobility and those who are looking for ease when it comes to their window treatments can enjoy the simplicity of our motorized Manhattan shades by selecting one of the three options we offer to operate our shades: a remote control, a wireless wall switch or a wireless timer. Rather than having to constantly get up to adjust their shades, customers will have the ability to stay right where they are and still achieve the same end result.

For more information about motorized shades in Manhattan, contact the professionals from Prestigious Blinds at 718-887-8579 today!

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  1. If your home has many windows, and especially if these windows are large, manually opening and closing the shades and drapes can be a real hassle. By motorizing them and tying them into a control system, you can raise and lower them at the touch of a button. Or better yet, automatically according to a schedule you define motorized shades dallas.